On this page I've collected links to the slides I've used in publicly available talks. I hope you find them interesting!

Sagan Symposium 2017 - Bright Stars in K2

Sagan Symposium 2018 - Radio Transits

NHFP Symposium 2019 - Radio Emission from Exoplanets

NHFP Symposium 2020 - Autodiff Optics

Kepler and K2 Science Conference 2019

Apep: A Galactic LGRB Progenitor? CfA Stars Seminar

Fizeau Workshop 2021

NYU Math and Data Group Meeting talk

NYU CDS Capstone Lecture - Gaussian Processes. Includes Google Colab notebook!

These talks are all written in the user-friendly reveal.js framework by Hakim El Hattab. I recommend you try it!

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